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Transitioning Back to School

Supporting Children After a Long Break

Whether returning from blended instruction deliver or after a long break, children will need increased supports in getting used to daily routines and procedures in the classroom. Check out this infographic for tips on making the transition back to a consistent school schedule as smooth as possible.

Transition Back to School

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Tier 1

Universal Promotion for All


About Tier 1

The first tier of the early childhood Pyramid Model focuses on two important features:  relationships and environments. These elements reflect universal promotion, meaning they support positive outcomes and social emotional development for all children. The following resources can support you in strengthening Tier 1 in your classroom. 

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Tier 2

Secondary Prevention for Some

Day 2

About Tier 2

Tier 2 addresses targeted social emotional supports. Social emotional skills such as problem-solving, self-regulation, friendship skills, and emotional literacy are explored in this tier. Students who struggle finding success with the Tier 1 supports would benefit from these Tier 2 features. 

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Tier 3

Tertiary Intervention for Few


About Tier 3

The third tier of the early childhood Pyramid Model addresses how to respond to challenging behavior through function-based thinking and interventions. Supports at this level are intensive and individualized.

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Resources Developed by Staff

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Book Studies

Children's Lit Kits


Visuals and Infographics

Transition Back to School - tips for supporting children as they transition back to school following blended delivery or an extended break
Coaching During Covid - tips for supporting teachers implementing the Pyramid Model while Covid-related guidelines are in place
ECPBIS Readiness Flyer - information on the ECPBIS Readiness Series
Anchors Aweigh - tips for families as they support their children in transitioning to pre-K or kindergarten
Sharing Our Calm - tips for families to assist their child with self-regulation
Back to School Kit - forms, checklists, and documents you need to help plan a successful start to the new school year
Open House Ideas - tips for introducing the Pyramid Model to families
Managing Meltdowns

Lesson Plans